Does Your Schnauzer Need Health Insurance?

Health insurance for pets is becoming increasingly common. It could protect you and your pets in the event of an accident. However, it can be expensive and difficult to weigh the benefits and risks.

We recommend getting pet insurance. We didn’t use to. As it becomes more common, the price of vet care will rise with it. Whether or not you need it depends on the cost of vet care in your area, and how at risk your schnauzer is. That’s why we think that even though you may not need insurance you should at least consider it.

What is pet insurance?

Just like health insurance for people, pet insurance would cover the cost of a vet’s services. Depending on the plan you choose, it can cover the costs of routine visits or just medical care in the case of an accident.

The cost and coverage vary based on the company you choose, and the factors affecting your pet’s health.

We hope that you never have a situation that makes pet insurance necessary. However, an accident or illness could cost up to 2,000 dollars or in the worst scenarios, even more. If disaster strikes, it helps to have options for caring for your pet.

How to know if you need pet insurance

Not everyone needs pet insurance, but you should consider the factors affecting your pet’s health, and your ability to pay for it. It all depends on your lifestyle, your needs, and the needs of your dog. Some indications that you need to consider pet insurance are:

Pets are at the highest risk for disease when they are very old or very young. If you are only going to use pet insurance during one period we recommend it be one of those.

Another thing to consider is that most insurance companies will not cover a pre-existing condition. That means if you are going to purchase insurance for your puppy, it’s important to do it early before a condition arises.

We don’t believe that everyone needs pet insurance. However, we do believe that everyone should consider their options where their pets are concerned, and make an educated decision about their care.  The important thing is to weigh the options and find the solution that makes the most sense for you.

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