The most important thing for a schnauzer breeder

Occasionally, someone asks what separates our breeding program from other miniature schnauzer breeders. How do we go about breeding healthy miniature schnauzer puppies? While the question is complex, we always point to the importance of our miniature schnauzer studs.

The genetic integrity of the stud dog is a big aspect of the success and failure of a breeder. A well-structured and genetically clean stud can impact the health and nature of a program more than a dam could. Two simple factors drive this truth: repetition and time.

As ethical miniature schnauzer breeders, we do not believe in over-breeding our female schnauzers. Each litter, from birth to whelping, takes a toll on our schnauzer moms. Their bodies can become run down if they carry too many litters. We believe in retiring our moms so they can enjoy a large majority of their lives outside of mothering puppies. For this reason, our miniature schnauzer moms may affect only a small portion of the total schnauzer puppies we produce. One dam might only contribute to a single puppy that we choose to hold back to improve our breeding program. While our Schnauzer mommas have an incredibly important job in raising our puppies, they have a limited range of impact.

On the other hand, a male could sire several litters of puppies in a short amount of time. A good breeder will keep data on the offspring of these litters. They can use it to make a profile of its genotypical characteristics. Otherwise, we can figure out rather quickly if a stud throws healthy puppies or not. Then we can make decisions about the direction of a breeding program.

For this reason, a good miniature schnauzer breeder will focus on improving and managing the studs under its care. If you want to adopt a healthy, well-bred miniature schnauzer puppy, look closely at the stud siring the litter. If you have more questions about our breeding program please feel free to contact us.