Schnauzer Puppy Behavioral Issues

Jumping up:

When your Schnauzer puppy jumps up on you, she/he is showing a desire for attention. Common disciplinary mistakes include pushing away, kneeing, or yelling. These types of behavior all give your puppy exactly what they crave….attention.

Proper response to a jumping Schnauzer puppy:

Fold your arms in front of you, turn away and say, “off.” Continue to turn away from until all four of her/his feet are on the ground, then quietly praise and provide a reward treat. If your Schnauzer knows the “sit” command, give the command when all four of his/her feet are on the ground, then quietly praise and provide a treat while your puppy is in the sitting position.

When you begin to praise your Schnauzer, if he/she begins to jump up again, simply turn away and repeat step two, above. Remember to keep your praise low-key.

When your puppy realizes that it gets no attention from you while it is jumping up, but does get attention when is stops jumping up and sits, the jumping will stop. Remember, once you’ve taught your Schnauzer to come and sit quietly for attention, you must reward that behavior. Be careful not to ignore your puppy when it comes and sits politely, waiting for your attention.

What not to do:

​Attempts to tap, slap or hit your puppy in the face for nipping or jumping up are almost guaranteed to backfire. Several things may happen, depending on your puppy’s temperament and the severity of the correction:

​Your Schnauzer could become “hand-shy” and cringe or cower whenever a hand comes toward its face. Your puppy could become afraid of you and refuse to come to you or approach you at all.