Why Miniature Schnauzers are the best hypoallergenic dog breed

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Dog Allergies – Its a problem

Watery eyes, itchy skin, and constant sneezing, let’s face it being a dog lover with allergies can be difficult. Fortunately, specific lines of dogs, including Miniature Schnauzers, can be a great fit for allergy sensitive individuals. Miniature Schnauzers do not shed, and are considered to be hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for people with COPD, allergies or asthma. Every person will have his or her own degree of reactivity to certain dogs; their saliva and the proteins in their bodies. Those dogs that are universally less allergenic come from specific breeds such as Poodles, Kerry Blue Terriers, Schnauzers, Bichons and Lhasa Apsos. These dog breeds, like the Mini Schnauzer, shed minimally due to the length and texture of their coat. Through a combination of coat type and grooming frequency, allergen levels are greatly reduced.


Miniature Schnauzers = Allergy Free

​Mini Schnauzers are less likely to cause an allergy sufferer to have a reaction. Some refer to Schnauzers as allergy free dogs or non-shedding dogs or even as people dogs. But whatever you call them, the good news is there’s no reason why those suffering with allergies, must also suffer a life without the loving companionship of man’s best friend.

As allergy sufferers ourselves, we can attest to the low allergen levels of the Mini Schnauzer breed. For those with allergies, the Miniature Schnauzer allows you the companionship of a canine friend without the allergies that so often follow.

hypoallergenic miniature schnauzer

Our 100% subjective opinion on why Schnauzers are the best hypoallergenic breed

Self admittingly, we are extremely biased to the miniature schnauzer breed.  As Schnauzer breeders we have devoted our lives to the advancement and well being of the breed as a whole.  Certainly we have skin in the game:)  However, take us back to the beginning, before breeding and simply in search for a companion. We were at a place that many potential adopters are at today: looking for the best non-allergic dog breed.  As a family that suffers from Asthma and significant allergies, finding the best hypoallergenic dog breed was paramount in our search for a family dog.  What drew us personally to the Miniature Schnauzer and the main reason we think they are still tops is their intelligence.


Schnauzer Intelligence – a cut above the rest

What you will find within the Hypoallergenic landscape are some very nice vanilla breeds.  Dogs that we would consider to be lacking slightly in the IQ department.  This is no knock against a Bichon, Havanese, Maltese, or even the popular Poodle (or every poodle mix variation that you can think of).  It is simply known among experienced dog breeders that most small breed dogs are not quite as sharp as your large breed dogs like a German Shepperd or even a Giant Schnauzer.  Large breed dogs are in the working class and always have a specific job with specific skill sets needed.  Intelligence and training are essential.

Miniature Schnauzers are appealing because they have been able to maintain the intelligence of their larger breed ancestors.  Historically, Schnauzer breeders have done a very good job maintaining the working class traits of the Schnauzer is it was bred down into a smaller size.  Essentially, the Miniature Schnauzer is a small breed dog with large breed intelligence and behavior – best of both worlds!  If you throw in the hypoallergenic factor you have a really attractive package that makes the Miniature Schnauzer hard to beat.

Available AKC Registered Miniature Schnauzer Puppies for Sale

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Greetings from the Wysongs!  We are currently accepting deposits to join our waiting list for future Miniature Schnauzer Puppies.  If you are interested in adding a Fernweh Schnauzer to your family we would encourage you to reach out to us via an email or phone conversation.  Please be advised that we are known through the country as a breeder of high quality miniature schnauzer puppies and are in high demand.  Be sure to reach out and plan in advance when considering a future Fernweh addition.   Adopters who plan ahead and join our waiting list are preferred and treated as such during the adoption process.



Fernweh Schnauzers are known to be healthy.  As one of the top Miniature Schnauzer Breeders, how do you breed for a healthier Schnauzer?

Like all things in life, breeding for health is simply a matter of priority.  We are blind to many of the breed priorities that distract other bulldog breeders from improving the health of their Schnauzer.  We focus on health and personality and very little else.  We are not interested in winning a blue ribbon in the show ring.  Rather, we test for things like luxated patellar tendons, eye issues, heart defects, hip dysplasia, ect.  We focus and prioritize creating healthy bloodlines, therefore our schnauzers are typically much healthier than the breed as a whole.  While it’s not rocket science, it is a uniquely different take within miniature schnauzer breeders and all of our AKC mini schnauzers reflect this value set.


After breeding for health, what other priorities are you focused on?

Our true desire is to create the perfect family schnauzers.  We believe a healthy schnauzer = a happy family.  We also believe a schnauzer bred for the correct personality is essential to the family unit as well.  A Fernweh Schnauzer is bred for intelligence and playfulness.  We want our Schnauzers to be full of personality and some fun.   We believe a full personality along with intelligence is the true North star of the Schnauzer breed and is what makes them unique among other breeds. We look for these personality traits in our adult Schnauzers and continue to create bloodlines that reflect these qualities and produce a high quality Mini Schnauzer for sale. 


I have been looking for a Miniature Schnauzer puppy near me.  Where are you located?

We are located in the Northeast corner of Indiana.  We just happen to be about 2.5 hour drive from the Illinois state line and specifically Chicago.  We are also about a 30 minute drive from the Michigan and Ohio state lines.  Other major cities within 2.5 hour driving distance are Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.   If you are searching for the term “miniature schnauzer puppies near me” and happen to be in one of these areas we are certainly within close proximity.  


What if I am not located locally?  Do you offer delivery services?

A large portion of our adopters are located on the East Coast and Southern states.  While many do make the drive to pickup, we also offer a delivery service to those with extremely busy schedules or limited ability to travel.  We personally, hand delivery our Miniature Schnauzers to our East Coast and Southern adopter’s homes to ensure they arrive safe and stress free.  We also utilize our own flight nanny for our West Coast adopters looking to have their schnauzer puppy hand delivered.  Whether through pickup or through delivery service, we try to be the type of miniature schnauzer breeder that is ethical and responsible to both our Schnauzers and adopters.  If you are looking for an AKC miniature schnauzer breeder, we have several safe options for delivery.


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