City Life with a Schnauzer

City life with pets can be difficult. If you work during the day, then your pet will spend a lot of time inside, and it’s easy for them to get bored.

Schnauzers have a perfect temperament for this. They have a laid-back personality and are less likely to have pent-up energy. They still need daily exercise, but their small size and lower exercise needs make it easier to meet that need in a small space.

Potential problems of city life

No matter how well suited your dog is to city life, there are still some things you need to account for.

Potty training

Living without a backyard means it will take longer to get from point A to point B when a puppy needs to go potty. Your puppy should still be able to potty train, but a fresh patch and a stable routine can help. 


While schnauzers have a lower need for exercise than other breeds, they still need daily exercise. Daily walks, playing with toys, and regular one on one play can help.

Mental Stimulation

Schnauzers are very intelligent dogs, and being in the same environment for long periods can be boring. Schnauzers like toys, so having a variety of interesting toys on hand can help. Hands-on play or taking them to experience new environments can also keep them occupied.

The importance of routine

Routine is important for everything from feeding, sleeping, exercising, and potty training. Especially in an apartment.

A routine will make it easier to fit a daily walk into your schedule. It will also allow you to plan feedings around when you will be available to take them potty.


You’ll want to make sure that even though your schnauzer lives in an apartment, they’re not spending all their time in the apartment. For proper socialization, your schnauzer should get out of the house every so often to experience as many new things as possible.

Daily walks in the city expose them to potentially stressful things, like cars, other dogs, or loud noises. Exposing them to new things in a  controlled way makes it less likely that they will react negatively to new experiences.

Socialization is very important for a healthy schnauzer. If you need to find ways to socialize your schnauzer, a dog walker or reputable doggy daycare can help while also taking care of your puppy during the day.

Miniature Schnauzers make great apartment dogs. It is important to accommodate their needs so they can enjoy city life too.

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