One of our core values at Fernweh Schnauzers is focusing on the bond between our adopters and their schnauzer puppy. We believe successful adoptions are dependent on matching the right puppy with the right home. We achieve this with a process called personality profiling.
In personality profiling, we identify the basic personality traits of each puppy by studying their behavior. We begin by taking notes between the ages of 2 to 6 weeks. We focus on linear characteristics such as dominance and submissiveness, confidence, and energy levels. That allows us to begin to understand each Miniature Schnauzer’s personality in a more intimate way.
We can take this information and then make suggestions for our adopters. As we know adopters and their home situations come with varying needs and expectations. The home of an empty nest couple will be different than a family of five. Some miniature schnauzers would thrive in a home with small children, while some would prefer a more quiet home.
The key is to get to know both the individual natures of your puppies and the home environment of each adopter. During our adoption process, we focus on understanding our adopters and making recommendations that fit both parties well.
While personality profiling is a long process, it is well worth the effort. It’s something a reputable breeder like Fernweh Schnauzers will do to foster a healthy puppy and adopter relationship. If you are looking to adopt a Schnauzer puppy, keep in mind the importance of your Schnauzer’s personality.