Feeding Your Schnauzer Puppy

After much research and many phone calls to manufacturers, we decided to go with Diamond Puppy/Adult food. This decision came after years of using Royal Canin which we were mostly happy with. However, we felt that we should find food formulated for our moms.  Diamond puppy food is specifically designed for pregnant, nursing moms, and puppies.  It exceeds the minimum amount of calcium and phosphorus that a pregnant and nursing mom needs.  I include that information to help you understand why we have chosen Diamond.  While weaning, our Schnauzer moms and puppies are sharing food so naturally, the puppies are also eating Diamond.

Although we do love Diamond food we do not require our adopters to use it.  There are various reasons that an adopter may choose a different food and one of the main reasons is the availability of Diamond in their area.  We also recommend Royal Canin and Taste of The Wild. You can commonly find those brands in local pet supply stores.  Let’s be honest it isn’t ideal to always have to order your dog food online which is why we encourage our adopters to do their research before bringing their Schnauzer home.

Our puppy package will include a small package of Diamond puppy food. You can mix Diamond puppy food with the other brands we recommend. Mixing the foods will help ease the transition and be gentler on your puppy’s stomach.

Once you are home with our new puppy we recommend doing feedings three times a day or allowing them to free feed (as long as they are not overeating).  Below is an idea of feeding times but it can be adjusted to fit your work/sleep schedule. The amount of food you will be feeding will depend on the age and size your puppy is when you take him/her home.  This is something we will go over when you pick up.

First feeding 7 am

Second feeding 11 am

Third feeding 4 pm

*Alternate schedule would be to allow them to free feed

We recommend your puppy’s latest meal should be by 5 pm, this will give them lots of opportunities to “clear out their system” before bedtime.  Many times when a puppy is struggling with accidents during the night it is because of eating too close to bedtime.

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